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Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer - LLM (H/F)

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Machine Learning


Our partner company is a trailblazing force in the realm of artificial intelligence, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.

With strategically positioned offices in major global hubs, they engage in collaborations with industry behemoths like Google, alongside esteemed educational institutions.

In a testament to their prowess, our partner has secured a prominent position among notable AI players, fast-rising enterprises, and Europe's top 1000 fastest-growing businesses in 2022.

Their recent acquisition by a prominent biotechnology leader has further cemented their commitment to pioneering the industry.

Currently, we are actively seeking talented Machine Learning Software Engineers - LLM )(M/F) to fortify their dynamic team.


In the Engineering Team, ML Software Engineers focus on understanding business problems, identifying and harnessing the right AI or cognitive computing technologies to solve them, and taking part in the commercial deployment of their solution.

ML Software Engineers intervene at every stage of the life of a project.

They provide technical expertise and scope projects during pre-sales, drive research and development for Proof of Concepts (POC), develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and ensure continuous improvement and maintenance for deployed solutions.

As an NLP and Large Language Models (LLMs) Specialist, you will manage large NLP-related projects, products, and solutions.

Among the tasks an ML Software Engineer is responsible for, it is important to mention:

  • Developing prototype applications
  • Providing software design and programming support
  • Implementing software libraries
  • Supporting business development,
  • Managing projects and project teams.

In this role, you will report to a Lead Research Engineer. This role may require overseas travel, ML Software Engineers must be available to travel.


  • Design, implement and deliver performant and scalable machine learning libraries.
  • Write and maintain high-quality, maintainable and modular code with concise documentation and continuous integration together with engineers.
  • Implement models to learn the semantics of structured and unstructured data (CVs, text, graph data, images, audio, and other modalities).
  • Apply knowledge of LLMs to develop industrial solutions (POC, MVP, fully deployed solution) and products (platforms and frameworks).
  • Apply best practices for robustness and scalability when considering LLM applications.
  • Put as a priority the project’s proper delivery with high-quality coding practices.
  • Adapt machine learning and neural network algorithms and architectures to best exploit modern parallel environments (e.g. distributed clusters, multicore SMP, and GPU).
  • Report and present development work clearly and efficiently, both internally and externally (clients, different audiences, etc.), both verbally and in writing.


  • Postgraduate degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or a related scientific field.
  • Experience in developing and debugging Python.
  • Proficiency with Git workflow, and development with best coding practices.
  • Experience in deploying software to production using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing.
  • Experience developing LLM-based applications.
  • Experience using deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Jax and/or Keras is a plus.
  • Research and software engineering experience demonstrated via previous work experience, internships, contributions to open-source projects, or coding competitions.

PROCESS - 3 to 5 weeks

  • 1st screen / initial discussion with the tech recruiter department over video
  • A programming test / technical hacker rank test + Review of the test
  • Take Home assignment + review call with the candidate
  • Call with a head of department


  • Type of contract: CDI
  • Salary range: From 65k€ to 100k€
  • English MANDATORY
  • Permanent contract with the end client
  • Remote: 2-3 jours / semaine
  • Localisation: PARIS 

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Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer - LLM (H/F)

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