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Analytics Engineer (H/F)

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Big Data
Analytics Engineer


In a context of business transformation, and to strengthen the team, we are looking for a for one of our clients, an ANALYTICS ENGINEER.

As a product led company with high growth, we strongly believe that data should be involved in any decision process: from product to sales.

On the team philosophy, we want to get people interested in working on any part of the data journey: data engineering, data analytics and data science.

It doesn't mean being an expert in all three fields but we believe that any data folks should aim to understand and cover most of the scope.


As an analytics engineer, you will be involved in:

▶︎ being a top contributor to our data warehouse using Dbt and BigQuery
▶︎ working with all stakeholders (Go-To-Market and Product) to understand and challenge their data needs
▶︎ being able to perform any product analysis using Amplitude
▶︎ empower everyone in the company by making data available to them
▶︎ pro-actively suggesting ideas and potential of growth through our business drivers
▶︎ having a full understanding of the data stack


▶︎ your curiosity and passion in the data field that pushed to work on any data pillars
▶︎ your ability to get insights from product analytics data
▶︎ your ability to jump into any GitBook members shoes to understand their needs
your ability to build and improve our data warehouse models using Dbt
your determination to make data the heart of GitBook success (evangelist part)
▶︎ your ability to successfully collaborate on cross-team work in a remote and async environment
▶︎ bonus:
your knowledge of the B2B SaaS industry allowing you to quickly understand our challenge


▶︎ DBT, BigQuery, Tableau, Amplitude, Segment, Airflow, Cloud Functions, Zapier, Python, Stitch, GitHub


▶︎ 1 discover call/ video interview with Head of Data
▶︎ 1 take home to work on (DBT)
▶︎ Meet the team and discuss about your take home
▶︎ Final avec le CEO


▶︎ Contract type: Permanent
▶︎ Start ASAP
▶︎ Full remote

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Analytics Engineer (H/F)

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